Neighborhood Watch Concert
Ran Tea House (269 Kent Ave., Brooklyn)
$10pm, all ages

|| A semi periodic event in support of the NEW Market Hotel and it’s Community Programming Initiative!

|| Indian Bastards From Hell (mem. Das Racist)
|||| Hieroglyph Thesaurus
|||||| Free Blood
|||||||| Hagfish and Poet Lounge
|||||||||| Dan Friel
|||||||||||| Fox/Crane/Bear
|||||||||||||| Diamond Terrifier and the Black Crown Ceremony (feat. Bedstuy TAI CHI)
|||||||||||||||| Patrick Higgins
|||||||||||||||||| Mic Blaque
|||||||||||||||||||| PETERSON

|| DJs:

|| Eddie Marz
|||| Emilie Friedlander (Ad Hoc/FADER)
|||||| Marty McSorely (WFMU)

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