Thursday, December 13th: HiChristina Make A Play and Toothpaste Mustache!

HiChristina Make A Play and Toothpaste Mustache!
CultureFix (9 Clinton St., Manhattan)
$10 in advance

This coming Thursday, HiChristina makes a 10 minute 3 act play out of group consciousness! Bring a page from a play, on your phone or an actual printed play (even better!), and join HiChristina as we costume, light, direct and act out the new hybrid Play of All Plays! It can be something you wrote or something you love or something so odd you can’t stand it! Using the HiChristina patented process(tm bmx) the plays all come together in one seamless evocative wild story!

But that’s not all!!! After playi
ng your role on stage, back stage, or in the audience (tasteful heckling encouraged!) gather round for the cast and crew afterparty with drinks at the bar and surprising dramatic outbursts! Oh, and bring tomatoes (some provided) for throwing at the Villian! When you go home your roommate will ask “How did you get that toothpaste mustache?” If they only knew!

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