Christmas Vacation - BBQ Films

Well, the Holiday season is around the corner, and we know how to celebrate with everyone’s favorite Christmas movies. We’re screening them in an over the top Griswold Family Party complete with a visit from uncle Eddie and his RV, thousands of Christmas lights, and of course, the big jolly fat man himself. BBQ Films is putting up three irresistible Christmas classics: Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Gremlins. And we’re doing it all in a big sexy movie night party complete with eggnog, carolers, decorations from Film Biz Recycling, excellent Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery, and tons of early seasonal cheer for you and your friends. Should the mood strike you (and we hope it does), spread the cheer by dressing the part: crack out your worst holiday sweater, sexy elf costume, your Santa beard, your best version of your drunk uncle, or just come as yourself. Papa Clark Griswold will be waiting with open arms.

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