The Red Squirrel
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)
10pm both days

Late one night, a depressed, washed-up grunge musician witnesses a motorcycle accident on the beach – and suddenly finds himself coaxing a gorgeous blonde through a thick fog of amnesia. The two strike up a relationship based just as much on his bullshitting as their unspoken chemistry and hit the road, finding themselves absorbed into a suburban family’s vacation campsite (“The Red Squirrel”); only then does stuff start to get properly weird.

All this interspersed with hilariously tacky rock videos and out-there stunt driving, a surrealist pop mystery anchored by one of the 90s’ jazziest performances (by the criminally underappreciated Emma Suárez.) Apparently after seeing The Red Squirrel, Stanley Kubrick recommended Médem to his friend Steven Spielberg as director of his upcoming Zorro picture.

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