Cosmic Thanksgiving with Redhook
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
Free, bring a dish to share

Be joyous and give thanks as we recognize this holiday with a powerful NU tradition!

The event begins with a yoga class taught by Amy Jenkins at 2 pm. Redhook (Nick Schneider) will be playing beautiful music to accompany the vibe. Entry for the class is one dish of food large enough to share with many mouths. It’s a pot luck!

After yoga we will feast together and be filled with gratitude as a family.

This is a time for anyone who doesn’t have a home or family to join us and celebrate the sanctity of eating. To remember our ancestors who made living in such comfort possible for us today.

At the end we will commemorate our time with a special union ritual- the wedding of ourselves to ourselves!

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