Ecstatic Dance: Cumba Mela
Roulette (509 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn)
7-8pm warmup, 8-11pm dancing

Move however you wish, at an alcohol-free, drug-free conscious dance gathering. No chit-chat on the dance floor keeps it all about dance, a culture of respect keeps the moment safe. Ample room on the dance floor helps you move as you choose. Club-quality sound and lighting, to help you lose yourself in the moment. Kick off your shoes and feel the dance floor under your feet. Ecstatic Dance NYC: what you’ve been waiting for. Join us. Nourish yourself.

This month, Cumba Mela returns to our container. New space, new sound system, more YES. Before Cumba Mela, the homie Natasha Blank guides a movement warmup that’s sure to help you Get Your Dance On.

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