Whim Presents: Trivial Matters
Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)

It’s a fact: America is the best country ever. We invented the atom bomb, perfected football, and our home videos are the funniest in the world. This November, we’re celebrating our great nation with an evening of trivia all about how great it is. Please join Greg and Brock next Tuesday, November 13 for America #1: The Trivial Matters Tribute to America. Think of it like a citizenship exam that you can take while drinking.

We’ll have prizes after every round and a $50 personal check from Brock for the team that finishes first. Also receiving a check will be the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We’re donating 10% of the bar to the Mayor’s Fund for relief efforts and we’ll personally match every dollar. Finally, a chance to use your ability to consume prodigious amounts of alcohol in the service of others. It’s what a real #1 American would do.

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