ROCKET MAN: The Future of Jeremy Lin
Museum of Chinese in America (215 Centre St., Manhattan)
$10, RSVP required:

As the NBA season gets under way, the next chapter of one of the most compelling stories in sports is about to unfold. Jeremy Lin’s impact on sports, however you look at it, whoever you are has been historic. His narrative in some ways has served as a microcosm for race relations in America. How much rides on his success…or failure. Rembert Browne (Grantland), Devin Gordon (GQ), Hua Hsu (Grantland), Will Leitch (New York Magazine), and Ursula Liang (sports journalist, documentary filmmaker) consider Lin’s cultural meaning and importance separate from his performance on the basketball floor. Every happy story in sports has a come-back-to-earth phase. What will Jeremy Lin’s look like?

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