We Didn’t Evolve from Monkeys!?
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
$10-15 suggested donation

Has something about the history of the world ever just seemed like TOTAL BULLSH*T !!??

Do you consider the possibility that we didn’t evolve from monkeys!!? /// Did something about EVOLUTION ever seem to just not make sense to you??

—> A member of The World Archeological Congress thinks so too!!

On OCTOBER 29th…..we have a guest that will answer YOUR QUESTIONS!!!

—–> Q & A with MICHAEL CREMO <----- If you don't know who Michael Cremo is than getting ready to have your HIPSTER HEAD BLOWN!!!!! Michael Cremo goes to archeology sites all across the planet. He digs up evidence that shows that we DIDN'T EVOLVE FROM MONKEYS OR SINGLE CELLED ORGANISMS!!!! Were we designed by G*d? Aliens? WTF??!! BRING YOUR QUESTIONS FOR MICHAEL CREMO!!! It doesn't end there. Michael can answer questions regarding: *** REMOTE VIEWING ***ANCIENT FLYING MACHINES ***DID A CIVILIZATION USE FREE ENERGY.....millions of years before TESLA?? The night will be moderated by "Parks are Zoos for Trees" (noise jester / stand up philosopher / noise journalist / comedian)

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