Can Megacities be Resilient?
New America NYC (199 Lafayette St., Ste. 3B, Manhattan)
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Resilience is the new buzzword when it comes to urban planning and development. But what does the sibilant term really mean? The basic foundations of the term seem to be absent from any attempt at a meaningful definition. With a projection of 5 billion people living in cities around the globe by 2030, much is at stake if we can’t clearly define – and achieve – our goals for the future. The new gigalopolises of the future will have to cope with everything from more rapid sea level rise as a result of climate change to a revolution in the basics of urban infrastructure: energy, food, water, transportation.

Join Leah Cohen, New York City’s climate resilience advisor; Steven Koonin, inaugural director of NYU’s new Center for Urban Science and Progress; and David Biello, energy and environment editor at Scientific American for a wide-ranging discussion on how cities will cope with a century of accelerating change.

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