Any film you’ve ever seen, song heard, performance attended – artists put a lot of work into it. In spite of that, somebody out there hated on it. Nothing is universal. Every piece of art is despised by someone – Bad Theater Fest is born!

Part of our motivation behind starting a festival openly searching for bad theater is to make a venue available to people who want to write but are worried about what others may think about it. So don’t worry, just go for it. Your play may not be the worst one out there.

The festival hopes to attract both first-time playwrights and discarded material from more established and seasoned writers. “It’s not that we have low standards, says co-founder Shawn Wickens. “It’s that we have different standards. We want to curate the most diverse festival possible, not only in content but with also who is involved.” We’re theater-lovers too. We’re not looking to bore or offend people. The “bad” in Bad Theater is a tongue-in-cheek label, a fun way of saying that you might love what you see, you might not – and that’s OK.

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