Escape: How to Find Your Passion & Switch Careers
Wix Lounge (10 West 18th St., 2nd Fl., Manhattan)
$15 in advance

We all know what ideal work looks like – it’s stimulating, well-paid, allows us to control our own time, and helps us to feel more alive by tapping into our deepest interests. We also know that it’s difficult for busy corporate professionals to find the time to reflect on making this a reality. But if you want to switch into more fulfilling work, you’ll need to invest some time into investigating the best path forward.

Started in London in 2009 by two frustrated management consultants, Escape the City has since grown to a global community of over 85,000 corporate professionals who want to ‘do something different’. The purpose of this workshop is to share what we’ve learned about helping corporate professionals escape from unfulfilling work, and to help you shape your next moves towards finding work you love.

From the basics of mapping out the process of career transition, the questions you need to ask yourself, and learning how to get unstuck, you’ll leave with more clarity on how to make career change a reality. You’ll get practical tools to help shape a vision for your life, insight into building an online presence, and tips for what to expect in the transition.

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