Party Like It’s 1999: The 2nd Anniversary Edition
The Bell House (149 7th St., Brooklyn)

In October 2010 three friends hatched a very simple idea to create a night where folks could enjoy rock, pop, hip-hop and R&B from the 1990s – without the DJ cutting off songs in the middle or trying mix in other noise that detracted from the hits we loved. So Party Like It’s 1999 at The Bell House was born. We’ve had a total blast since! And to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, we’re moving up to the Main Event Hall to mark this big occasion. That means more room to rock out with friends, dance with strangers and to shout out the words to “I Want it That Way.” And it’s still free! So come celebrate the decade we all love, with just a bit more room to do the Humpty Dance.

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