What Does a New Yorker Think When He Bites Into a Hamburger?
Deutsches Haus at New York University (42 Washington Mews, Manhattan)

The secret of power is that there is no power. Power is neither a truth nor a substance, but rather reversible at any time, and always threatened by its own death, thought Jean Baudrillard. On the other hand, how can we explain the reality of domination, and the stability of social order, without using the concept of power—without recognizing, at the same time, its inexistence and its efficiency?
Philosopher Caroline Heinrich, author of
What Does a New Yorker Think When He Bites into a Hamburger ?, will meet with Foucault expert Mathieu Potte-Bonneville to discuss Baudrillard’s concepts of power, reality in the simulation, and paradoxical communication. In conversation with philosopher Peter Engelmann, they will debate Baudrillard’s intellectual heritage.

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