Sunday, October 14th: Japan Block Fair & Street Ramen Contest

Japan Block Fair
Broadway btw. 93rd & 94th, Manhattan
Free admission

With a wide range of Japanese food, arts, crafts, services, and performance,
there is plenty to do and see for everyone!

Bring your family and friends and explore this extraordinary cultural event all day long.
We are sure you will have a GREAT time with a lot of fun and excitement at the Japan Block Fair!

The wide range of Japanese food is one fun part of the fair. From authentic noodles and curry to neo-Japanese cuisine and delicious sweets,we offer a large selection of delicious and healthy Japanese food at reasonable prices!

Just stroll around and take your time to browse through a variety of Japanese merchandise, arts, crafts, and more. Hard-to-find handmade jewelry and traditional Japanese wraps are some of the items showcased — enjoy the treasure hunt of a lifetime!

Come join us for an energetic stage live performance! Japanese cosplay (costume play) performances, traditional dance, Japanese rock band, Drums, samurai performances… there is something for everyone. Best of all — it’s all FREE!

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