Thursday, October 11th: Coney Island Photo Walk

Coney Island Photo Walk
Free, registration required

Explore the endless photographic possibilities that the Coney Island boardwalk, amusement park and beach have to offer. We’ll spend the day exploring Coney Island, photographing the people, amusements, structures, and beachscape. Shoot in any format, digital or film. We will meet at the Event Space for a brief introduction and overview to Coney Island, and discuss ways of approaching and photographing strangers before taking the subway to this American iconic place.

Excerpt from Harvey Stein’s book Coney Island: “Coney Island is different from other amusements parks I know. It’s multicultural, with people of all shapes, sizes, colors, languages, and behaviors. Absent is the artificiality of American theme parks. There are no forced enjoyments or phony facades. Coney Island is grimy and authentic, honest and straightforward. It hits you in the face with full force. And it stays in my mind long after I’ve let, like a movie or song that I can’t seem to get out of my head. The only illusion is the easy life it seems to promise with its eternal sun, sand and ocean. It’s where you bring yourself fully into play, rather than being passively manipulated. It’s a place where it’s all up to you, where you can see the world as it really is and so know yourself as you really are-or ought to be.”

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