Saturday, October 6th: @bkgirlproblems Party + Free Drinks All Night

Delinquency (1031 Grand St., Brooklyn)

Do you or someone you know suffer from @bkgirlprobems?

Perhaps you went and saw that dude’s shitty band and he didn’t even say hey. Perhaps the L train decided that Lorimer was gonna be the last stop tonight. Perhaps your local bodega doesn’t actually offer any of the sandwiches it advertises outside.

9-10: Hair Styling
* 9:30: Cool Serbia
10-11: Bay Ridge Medium
* 10:30: Island Twins
11-12: Ask a BKDude
11:15 or something: Crowning of Ms. BK Girl
* 11: 30: The Hairs
12-1: Pep Talks
* 12:30: DJ Dance Party

All night:
Scarf Swap (bring a scarf to swap for a new one!)
The Rad Plaid Photo Booth
A gift at the door
QUICKSLAP! fast food sandwiches

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