Saturday, September 29th: FIELD TRIP DAY: Brooklyn

Starts at Transmitter Park, Brooklyn
Free, registration required

Calling all urban explorers, history buffs, and lovers of Greenpoint. Drift with us through the culture and history of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a tucked away neighborhood sculpted by its maritime and industrial past.

Field Trip Day is dedicated to the art of the wander, and discovery through exploration. Come and see Greenpoint for the first time or with new eyes: for on this one day she will reveal herself through on site installations, challenges, and quests.

Discover where colored pencils came from, get up close and personal with one of the most polluted water ways in the US, and take down your opponents in a dramatic restagging of a civil war ironclad battle! Together we’ll find hidden places, discover secret histories, and learn skills long forgotten.

There are no right choices, no wrong turns – but there are treasures to be uncovered just out of sight.

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