Use What You Have and Create Great Video for the Web and Beyond
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

How does your video appear on today’s Flat Screen and HD TVs? How about the audio, does it sound flat or hollow? Your work is fast becoming another public viewing choice! So whether your videos live mainly on YouTube, public access cable, or indie internet broadcast channels, your production values will be compared to those of the mainstream and cable networks.

Join Donald Schwartz as he helps you understand the fundamental difference between your camera’s features and your eyes. Donald will guide you through the differences between what your ears hear and what the camera records, and cover principles you can use immediately: The color of light sources, the quality of light, bouncing light and how to build perspective within the camera’s frame.

Along the way Donald will discuss a number of simple, non-budget-busting techniques you can use to overcome your equipment’s limitations while improving your capabilities to tell your story in the most compelling way.

Donald explains that his workshop has one underlying theme: “You’re smarter than your camera so I recommend you make the decisions as to focus, white balance, and audio level yourself”

Some of the topics going to be covered include:

Three Point Lighting
Using Available Light
Creating Dimensionality
Different Ways of Setting Exposure with Your Video Camera: zebras, wave form monitor
Depth of Field – Why It’s Important
Lenses Within Your Camera: wide, normal, telephoto
Camera Angles
Sound Recording – best practices, different microphones and their uses
Camera in Motion
Video Camera Alternatives
iPhone Videography
Motion Picture Video Camera Tools Below $5K

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