Friday, September 21st: Witches’ Thanksgiving: An Autumn Equinox Workshop

Witches’ Thanksgiving: An Autumn Equinox Workshop
Observatory (543 Union St., Brooklyn)
$20 in advance

The Autumn Equinox – or Mabon – is a time of harvesting and celebration. Often called “Witches’ Thanksgiving,” it’s a prosperity holiday which asks us to gather with one another to count our blessings, connect, and re-balance. The nights are about to become longer, and soon we’ll be turning inward. But first, let us reap the rewards of summer and manifest future good fortune. Tonight, we’ll do ritual and spellcrafting to give thanks for what we have, attract even more positivity and possibility, and ready ourselves for the upcoming shadow season. And of course, we’ll end with some feasting!

Please bring:

-A bit of food or drink to share

-Any altar objects you like. These can be decorative (Thanksgiving and autumnal decor of any kind is welcome), and/or personal objects which you’d like to have charged

-A candle and holder

-A cushion, pillow, or fabric, as we will be sitting on the floor (chairs will be available for those who need).

Note-taking is welcome. This workshop is open to men and women, novices and advanced practitioners alike.

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