How to Make Flipbooks
Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St., Brooklyn)
$14, registration required

Learn how to make your very own hand-drawn flipbook. Starting with inexpensive everyday materials, we will cover the entire process start to finish, and transform them into witty, humorous, poignant, or even tragic animated shorts.

Can’t draw? Who cares! This simple animation technique turns the most rudimentary drawings into the most captivating action sequences—stick figures are never more at home than in a flip book. Can’t bind a book? Who cares! You’ll learn a simple version of stab binding, which is not only perfect for these flipbooks, but also easily extrapolated to make more complicated books of your own (non-flip even) design in the future.

Not only will you come away from the class with your very own flipbook (which you won’t be able to stop flipping the entire commute home), you’ll also know how to make more on your own.

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