Tuesday, September 18th: ‘Gamelatron: Jalan Jiwo’ Opening Reception

Gamelatron: Jalan Jiwo Opening Reception
The Clocktower Gallery (108 Leonard St., 13th Fl., Manhattan)

The Clocktower Gallery presents the Gamelatron Jalan Jiwo, a robotic network of chimes, bells, and resonating bronze gongs specially installed in the Main Gallery, creating a space for the viewer to be completely enveloped in the polyphonies developed by A Taylor Kuffner for this mechanized orchestra. Drawing inspiration from the Clocktower’s own massive bell overhead, the piece functions both as a time-keeping device throughout the day, and can be triggered by any visitor to perform a variety of compositio
ns, from short and dramatic bursts of activity and melody, to longer form storytelling orchestrations that allow the audience to sink into the pristine gallery space and leave the music to take them over.

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