Saturday, September 15th: Williamsburg Garden Walk

Williamsburg Garden Walk
Pick up tour maps from Crest Hardware (558 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn)

We are really excited to announce the Williamsburg Garden Walk, a free, self guided tour of private gardens in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area. On Saturday afternoon, September 15th, 7 households will open their doors and invite you to see the green spaces they lovingly tend. All the gardens are within walking distance of Crest Hardware and Urban Garden Center. Map and descriptions will be available at Crest on the day of the event.

This event is the brainchild of our neighbor, Heather, whose gard
en will be on the tour. We have the wonderful luck of having a neighbor we enjoy “over the fence” chats with, about gardening (among other things). We’ve learned a thing or two this way. We’re inviting you all on this walk, because talking to your neighbors about gardening is a lot more fun than reading about it on the internet.

Public gardens , books and magazines are fruitful sources of inspiration but if you are just starting out, real life, city sized gardens provide a scale that is easier to relate to. Gardens are meant to be experienced up close and personal, but most city gardens are tucked behind buildings, up in the air, and out of view. Gardening in Brooklyn often means clearing rubble, testing soil, and hauling in lots of soil before you even get to the fun part. Several of the spaces on view started with those challenges and overcame them. One garden’s access is through the kitchen window, another incorporates tomb stone rocks a former resident got from a tombstone carver, a third is a living memorial to the grandparents who once gardened there. Every garden tells a story. Here’s your chance to see them and be inspired to take on your own projects, with real life advice.

We know many of you have been at this for years and have stories and advice to share, while others are just starting out and want to learn. Here’s where your conversation starts. Take a walk with us as we enjoy the last, glorious days of summer and see the greener side of Brooklyn.

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