Thursday, September 13th: Hacking the Future: A Launch Event & Panel to Discuss the Web’s Anonymity ‘Problem’ + Free Drinks, Snacks & Afterparty

Hacking the Future: A Launch Event and Panel to Discuss the Web’s Anonymity “Problem”
Housing Works’ Bookstore Café (126 Crosby St., Manhattan)

The last five years have given rise to two warring factions struggling for control of the internet. On one front, corporate interests like Facebook and Google team up with legislators and hand-wringers to “lock down” the social Web so that everything you say and do can be traced back to your real world person. On the other, hacktivists, leaksters, cypherpunks and political revolutionaries are cracking codes and breaking rules to keep the Web free. Do we want a wild and wooly anonymous Internet, with the inevitable evils it brings? Or are we ready to move toward a safer, well-mannered Web?

According to author Cole Stryker, it’s the most important issue the Internet faces in the coming decade. He’s written a book, Hacking the Future (The Overlook Press, On-Sale: 9/13) on the subject, which traces a dual history of anonymous speech and the evolution of networking technology in order to provide a sweeping philosophical defense of what some consider to be the indefensible.

To celebrate his new book, we’ve gathered a panel of Internet thinkers and troublemakers to discuss the issue at hand: Should people have the right to anonymity? Panelists include media critic and author Clay Shirky, activists and Cryptome founders John Young and Deborah Natsios, NYU professor Whitney “Dr. Troll” Phillips, and social media scholar danah boyd. The evening will include a little bit of reading, some freewheeling discussion, and Q&A.

Giant Media will be providing free drinks and snacks throughout the night, and Cole will be signing fresh copies of Hacking the Future. Afterparty to follow at nearby Botanica.

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