Thursday, August 30th: How to Do an I-Ching Reading

How to Do an I-Ching Reading
Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan

The I-Ching, a Chinese text known as the Book of Change, is one of the oldest existing texts in the world. It has been used for divination, guidance in political and military strategy, meditation, and as inspiration for creative work. Whether you are new to the I-Ching, have used it a little, or are an experienced practitioner, we welcome you to this class. The teachers, Gary Richmond, Philosopher, and Priscilla Stadler, Artist, are members of The Book of Changed, an 8-artist multidisciplinary collaborative using the I-Ching as a tool for creative investigation. The class will cover: basic background, what is a trigram, what is a hexagram, generating your question, how to “throw” the I-Ching, doing actual readings as a group and individually. A handout will be provided. Those who have an ongoing interest in using the I-Ching as part of their creative process may want to consider becoming an affiliate of The Book of Changed project

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