Saturday, August 25th: Free Urban Food Waste Workshop

Urban Food Waste Workshop
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn)

“So much is going on in BK in terms of urban agriculture. People are thinking about how to compost despite urban density, how to grow one’s own food despite tight living quarters and how to live in environmentally conscientious ways. Our project connects with the energy and organizing that’s already happening and becomes a (mobile) platform for change.”

That’s what Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga and his partner Brooke Singer think about their project — Excess –which explores what we can do to move our city closer to a future in which edible food gets eaten, organic waste is turned into energy-rich compost, and compost is used to bio-remediate empty lots into food producing gardens so we can all have access to healthy, sustainable and local produce.

This community composting workshop focuses first on information sharing and then community action. Along with our fellows, Ricardo and Brooke, we will use their Excess project ( as a starting point for discussion, afterwards we’ll build a compost station for a Crown Heights garden, and take the Excess Bike out for a spin!

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