Wash Ave Rocks Street Fair
Washington Ave. btw. Prospect Pl. & St. Marks Ave., Brooklyn


Taste-Off Competition
Watch local restaurants compete for the coveted Best Appetizer in Prospect Heights Trophy! This year’s contestants include: The Bearded Lady, Cheryl’s Global Soul, Dean Street Bar & Grill, Janelle’s Restaurant, Kimchi Grill and Pete Zaaz. Celebrity Judges include: Beth Kracklauer (Saveur Magazine), Rachel Wharton (Edible Brooklyn) and Alan Sytsema (Grubstreet). City Council Woman Letitia James will announce this year’s winner!


Cumbe Dance
Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance is a new dance studio in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We are proud to offer fun and engaging, culturally enriching classes for your children with teachers who are also master performers on the world stage.Come watch dance performances and mini children’s classes (crowd participation highly encouraged!) and learn Hip Hop, Stepping, and Capoeira from some of the best teachers in Brooklyn!


Kaoru Watanabe Taiko Center Ensemble
Taiko drumming is a dynamic art form that combines traditional Japanese festival and theater music with contemporary rhythms from around the world. Kaoru Watanabe has taught taiko at the Village@Gureje here in Prospect Heights (Pacific street between Washington and Underhill) since 2008 after nearly a decade of touring with the acclaimed Japanese group Kodo. Kaoru and his students are honored to be performing in their own neighborhood as part of the WAPHA Street Fair!


Martial Arts USA Demo (off-stage)


Brooklyn-based Importango, led by guitarist Adam Tully, plays traditional tango music from Argentina. This trio is dedicated to ‘importing’ the finest grade of musical product from Buenos Aires direct to Brooklyn and beyond. Their fans are diverse: curious newcomers, dance fanatics, and hard-core tango connoisseurs all enjoy being transported to another world when Importango plays. The band hosts the acclaimed ‘Tango Thursdays’ every week at Pane e Vino in Cobble Hill.

The Tango Factory is a production company devoted to bring you the best experiences in Argentine Tango in NYC… Shows, Milongas, Instruction, Concerts… a blend of traditional and contemporary.


Special is a Brooklyn, NY born Actor, Dancer, Rapper of Caribbean descent. He has a song that’s killing the dance floor on the East Coast called “Superman 1,2,3, Away.” The uptempo number is a fusion of Dance Hall Reggae & Hip Hop and has a catchy follow along dance called the Superman Dance that’s easy to learn!

Special has opened for and performed with numerous well-known reggae and hip hop artists, including Elephant Man, Buju Banton, Cassidy, Wu Tang Clan and Sean Kingston. “Superman 1,2,3 Away” is being used to support Music Brings Life, a blood awareness organization that targets the youth within the Black American, Caribbean, and Latino communities and encourages them to donate blood.


The Neighbors (rock band)
THE NEIGHBORS (from Crown Heights, Brooklyn) play slightly poppy out of tune punk anthems of otherwise messy Ramones/Stoner influenced surf songs and like all good New York City bands there is always a hint of the Velvet Underground on the edge of every guitar riff or vocal harmony.


Stan’s Pepper Steppers (off-stage)
Watch double-dutch jump ropers tear up the stage! These Pepper Steppers have showed off their jump-roping prowess to worldwide audiences, competing in international competitions.


Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center
The talented instructors from Shambhala will take the stage to demonstrate and teach salsa dancing!


Higher Levin Steel Pan Band (off-stage)
Back from last year, Higher Levin Steel Pan Band, has brought ten of their wildly talented drumming artists to get you moving to their beats. You might have seen them this summer performing in front of Nu Wave Kultural Kreations during Make Music New York, which they will accompany during the fashion show coming up!


Fashion Show
Celebrate the decades with hairstyles and apparel from the past and present. This year’s fashion show will feature styles from Idalias Salon & iBeauty Bar, Lady J+1, AweDacity! Boutique, Shaz Gallery and Nu Wave Kultural Kreations. Higher Levin, a steel drum band, will provide live accompaniment.

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