Saturday, August 18th: BK Farm and Flea with Free Music, Films, an Art Battle & More

BK Farm and Flea
The LOOM (1087 Flusing Ave., Brooklyn)


(starting at 6pm in the courtyard):
9:00 The Van Allen Belt (Pittsburg)
8:15 Rifle Recoil
7:30 Leafer (Quebec)
6:45 Illuminator
6:00 The Forms

(starting at 12:30pm in Kave):
2:00 Brothers Macmahon
12:30 Dvorak and Shostakovic, with Luke Krafka, Ray Wong, and Blake Espy

(2 screenings, starting at 2:30pm and 4pm at Studio in the Darkroom):

Laundry by Danielle Katvan
Stranger Things by Danielle Katvan
Church Forest by Greg Vander Veer
Jeffrey by Nina Ljeti
Sisyphus by Joel Pincosy

FUN (all day long):

Bad Relationship Advice! with J.W.
ART BATTLE! with Silky’s and The Living Gallery
Bike-ta-cu-lar! at North BK collective
Meat ‘n Greet! at the Co-op
Romancemusik! with Luke Krafka et. al.
Tej Tasting and Watering Hole! in the courtyard

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