Sunday, August 12th: 21st Century Schizoid Ride

21st Century Schizoid Ride
Big Tree at Center of Park, Tompkins Sq. Park, Manhattan

Discover the sights and sounds behind the making of the Talking Heads, and the little known influences on the downtown NYC music scene in general, by bike, listening and dancing to a carefully prepared tapestry of songs from that era.

In 1969 King Crimson rocked the musical landscape with their stunning song 21st Century Schizoid Man (a pointed reference to then US Vice President Spiro Agnew and the disastrous war in Vietnam) playing in front of 650,000 people in Hyde Park, London along side The Rolling Stones.

But by the end of the 1970’s the progressive rock, and art rock genres had already peaked, some of its English musicians disillusioned by the business of music, and burnt out sought refuge in NYC now that disco, punk rock, and new wave emerged as the new creative forces in music.

As these talented artists reinvented themselves they made key contributions to many NYC based bands including the Talking Heads, Blondie, and the No Wave scene.

Artists featured on this ride include:

King Crimson/Robert Fripp – including their powerful 1974 masterpiece Red (both the album and song)
Roxy Music/Brian Eno/801
Genesis/Peter Gabriel
David Bowie
Talking Heads

If anyone knows NYC based musician/bike advocate extraordinaire David Byrne (author of the Bicycle Diaries and former lead singer of the Talking Heads), let him know he is invited to the ride too!

Note: this event focuses on the musicians who preceded and influenced Mudd Club and CBGB era bands.

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