Brokelyn Bookswappers Club
Bedford Hill (343 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)

Here’s how it works:

You show up with the best books you have lying around that you’ve already read; place them in the book pile, have a few drinks and go back to browse what others have brought. You can take as many books as you bring — it’ll be on the honor system.

What we don’t want: Instruction manuals, dictionaries, language books, Idiot’s Guides, tax reference books, etc. (beach reading is supposed to be fun, people).

What we DO want: Game of Throneses, Hunger Games, Pat Conroy, pulpy thrillers, spy novels, graphic novels, Stephen King, short story collections, really anything that makes for good reading. We’ll even take some Dean Koontzes or 50 Shades of Greys, if you’re not ashamed to admit owning it.

Bonus: we will also accept swaps of any other beach goods you want to bring: coolers, frisbees, towels, suntan lotion, anything you want to pay forward to your fellow brokelynites.

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