Mars Landing Live Broadcast
One Times Sq., Manhattan

Curiosity will land on the Martian surface on 1:31am EDT Monday, August 6th, and will embark on an unprecedented two year expedition, starting with the exploration of the previously water-filled Gale Crater.

New Yorkers (and those visiting) can join fellow space fans and see the Aug. 5/6 landing of NASA’s huge Mars rover Curiosity LIVE in Times Square on Sunday night! They will be able to watch the rover’s touchdown on the Red Planet as it happens on the giant Toshiba Vision screens below the iconic New Year’s Eve ball.

Times Square, the Crossroads of the World, will be the largest viewing location on the East Coast. This incredible programming will originate from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. This broadcast will put the viewers in the middle of the action in NASA’s Mission Control Room beginning at 11:30pm EDT August 5th, and lasting until 4:00am August 6th.

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