The Patron Saints
The Old American Can Factory (232 Third St., Brooklyn)
$12 in advance

8:00 PM Doors Open
8:30 PM Live Music by Christopher Paul Stelling
9:00 PM Film Begins

After achieving success at the Rotterdam and Toronto film festivals, Rooftop is thrilled to be presenting this hauntingly unconventional and darkly humorous documentary. At once deftly lyrical and disarmingly realistic, The Patron Saints was shot over the course of several years, depicting the harsh and often bizarre reality of old age and conveying a palpable sense of the inescapable onslaught of time.

The Patron Saints is a film about confinement; the residents are forever in a state of stasis, physically confined to their wheelchairs and beds, mentally confined within their ever-deteriorating brains. Any fleeting glimpse of the outside world acquires a strange poignancy by virtue of its otherness, referring to a reality completely estranged from the residents. Yet while the film presents a visceral mediation on mental deterioration and old age, it maintains a poetic sensibility throughout, affording its child-like subjects tenderness and allowing the absurd humor of the situation to percolate.

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