Through Saturday, August 18th: Shakespeare in the Park(ing) Lot: ‘Coriolanus’

Municipal Parking Lot at Ludlow & Broome St., Manhattan
Thursdays-Saturdays at 8pm

Coriolanus will be re-envisioned as a modern day “election fable” in the second production of the Drilling Company’s 2012 Shakespeare in the Park(ing) Lot series.

This Coriolanus is set during an election year, when money can buy power and working class citizens feel threatened by a dwindling patrician class who are seeking to solidify their political power by manipulating political figures. The title character, played by Arash Mokhtar, is a potential leader who is vaunted for his success as a warrior but is completely out of touch with the every day citizen’s experience of hunger and joblessness.

The adaptation makes changes in the gender, age and race of many critical roles to reflect the diversity of the face of modern politics. Coriolanus’ chief political adversaries are Brutus, played by a young man, Corey Triplett, and Sicinius, played by a young woman, Sara Oliva. These roles regularly are reserved for older males.

Director Hamilton Clancy explains, “We chose the play, first and foremost because of the strong conflict between the rich and the poor and and the political fervor of the citizenry. It reminded us of the Occupy This movement. We thought that an election year was the time to present a story about a candidate trying to connect to the people.” He adds, “One of the reasons T.S. Elliot thought this was Shakespeare’s greatest play is the argument for peace within the play by the warring sides. The play was written 400 years ago and based on history that’s a thousand years old. It’s a tragedy and things don’t end well, but it plays out in ways we all recognize today.

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