Queens vs. Brooklyn Epic Water Balloon & Water Gun Fight
Astoria Park (Ditmars & 19th St.), Queens

I think we all can agree that there is a certain rift between the “People from Queens” and the “Brooklynites”. Whatever that rift may be I think its time for a common gathering to quell the contrasting beliefs that we have for one another….because quiet honestly….we are all New Yorkers.

So on Saturday July 28th there will be an Epic Water balloon Fight in Astoria Park. Queens will square off against Brooklyn in an all out war of water. After the aqua slaughter we can all head to the Bohemian Beer Garden to show the Brooklynites our Astorian hospitality.


– Arrive to Astoria Park @2:30pm entering on Ditmars Blvd and 19th street.

– The People of Queens will gather on the East side of the Park.

– The Brooklynites will gather on the West.

– The Battle will be begin at 3:30 sharp.


***People of Queens will wear “Light Blue and White”***

***Brooklynites will wear “Dark Blue and Gold”***

*** Everyone who is participating in the fight is required to bring at least 5-10 pre-filled water balloons with them (feel free to bring more). They are easiest to carry in plastic shopping bags, just double them up. Or if you are coming from Brooklyn…a backpack*****

***Water guns are also permitted and are encouraged***

***CLEAN UP! – If everyone involved picks up the little latex pieces afterward, it will take 5 mins.***

***Don’t try to hurt anyone, this is for fun!!!***

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