Wednesday, July 25th: Zome Sweet Zome: 3D Geometrical Building

Zome Sweet Zome: 3D Geometrical Building
Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St., Brooklyn)
$15, registration required

Another in a sequence of accessible math classes at the Brainery. This class has no prerequisite and is open to all!

Zome is a construction system like LEGO or Kinex or your old erector set. The only difference is these are used by professional mathematicians and mathematical artists to explore the world of geometry. Not just 3D either, with Zome you can build objects in 4 dimensions or more! (Well actually you can only build their 3-dimensional shadows. Whoa.)

We’ll spend 2 hours getting our hands on these incredibly fun and easy to use tools. We’ll build cubes, stars, spikey balls, metaZome, dodecahedra, stellated dodecahedra, and on and on. The kind of shapes that have fascinated humans for thousands of years. It doesn’t matter how bad you think you might be at math. You will LOVE playing and building with Zome.

Let’s make something amazing together!

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