5th Annual Pig Roast
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn)

It’s our 5th Annual Pig Roast, everybody! Join us for a summery celebration of gut-splitting proportions. We’re featuring sustainable farmer Bev Eggleston who’ll roast the pig over night. Our Rucola fam will serve savory side dishes.

Snap your own photo with the Self Portrait Project and dance the night away to tunes from DJs Veep Reekins, Misterdisco and My Favorite Mixtape. With live music from Alana and the Rough Gems , Los Encantados & Sweet Street Symphony, bike blended drinks, popsicles from Monster Haus, dancing and more!

Join us for some awesome demos:

The Science of Ice Cream // Mihir Desai

Come explore the science of ice cream, tongue first. beat the heat by tasting ice creams made by various methods: from the ultra-creamy results of liquid nitrogen, to the slight carbonation of carbon dioxide, to the old-school comforts of a traditional churn.
The Music of Protochiptunes // Phillip Stearns
Listen to some wacky music, and learn about a couple of our fabulous circuitry classes DIY Synthesizers and Audio Amplifiers.

Free Bike Check-Up // Steven Ma
Ride your bike to the Pig Roast and be rewarded with a free tune-up. Our bike mechanics instructor, Steven Ma, will be on hand to diagnose and treat all of your bike’s ailments.

Cheap and delicious food:


Bev Eggleston’s Ecofriendly farms slow roasted whole pig:
Pulled pork sandwich–cole slaw, chips
Pork platter– Pulled pork, two sides


Cole slaw
Potato salad
Collard greens
Corn on the cob
Tomato salad

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