Friday, July 20th-Monday, July 23rd: ‘Muerte Súbita’

Muerte Súbita
The Gershwin Hotel (7 E. 27th St., Manhattan)

Bridge Playhouse Inc. in association with Suzanne Tremblay and The Gershwin Hotel are proud to announce the upcoming premiere of Sabina Berman’s Muerte Súbita. This tour de force work by Berman, Mexico’s leading playwright, examines the complexity of relationships between lovers, between friends and between the forces of destruction and creativity that fuel both life and creative work.

The play centers on Andrés, a writer living in an abandoned building with his girlfriend Gloria, who is passionately writing his third novel. Andrés refuses to leave their apartment until its completion but the unexpected arrival of his old friend Odiseo, recently released from prison, drastically disrupts their world and forces them to face their collective truths.

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