Donation Yoga
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)

Come stretch out in our beautiful space!

All classes are appropriate for BEGINNERS because you can always go at your own pace! Just tell the instructor you’re new at this. Don’t be embrassed (ever!). LIFE LESSON: People are much more concerned about themselves than the people around them.

However we do have specifically BEGINNER CLASSES at 6pm on Thursdays

Mondays DONATION at 12pm with Jerome (Vinyasa)
Tuesdays DONATION at 12pm with Nami (Vinyasa)
Wednesdays DONATION at 12pm with Adriana Atema (Vinyasa)
Thursdays DONATION at 12pm with Linnea (Vinyasa)
Fridays DONATION at 12pm with Nicole (Vinyasa)

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