MP3 Experiment Nine
Governors Island

Wear: Clothing instructions are based on your birthday:
– Birthdays January – June: A solid color shirt (any color but black or white)
– Birthdays July – December: A solid black or white shirt

Bring: A bag (purse, backpack, messenger bag, shopping bag, etc.) that has the following items inside:
– A water gun, filled with water (Any type of water gun that can fit in your bag. Be prepared for it to leak and don’t put other valuables in your bag.)
– A shower cap
– A white bed sheet (should be a clean sheet that you don’t mind getting dirty; white tablecloth also OK)
– A hard, flat object that you don’t want anymore
– A small, soft object that you don’t want anymore (examples: plush toy, small pillow)
– A small musical Instrument (examples: a kazoo, spoons)

– We recommend protecting your mp3 player or other valuables with a plastic bag. Use your best judgement and take responsibility for protecting your possessions.

We strongly recommend you plan to arrive on the island earlier in the day as the ferries are likely to be very crowded close to the event start time. If you try to take a ferry after 2 PM, you run the risk of missing the event. Governors Island is a beautiful place, so plan to make a day of it and arrive early!

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