Saturday, July 14th: ‘Folly’ at Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens

Opening: Saturday, July 14 // 2-6PM
Cookout and Architects Talk // 4PM

Socrates Sculpture Park and The Architectural League are pleased to present Folly, a new residency and commission for emerging architects and designers to produce and exhibit a full-scale project at Socrates Sculpture Park. Socrates, in partnership with the League, established the residency to explore the intersections between architecture and sculpture and the increasing overlaps in references, materials, and fabrication techniques between the two disciplines.

Especially popular among the Romantics of the 18th and 19th centuries, architectural follies are small-scale structures placed within a garden or landscape as a means to draw the eye to specific points or to frame a view. A folly-the name of which derives from the French folie, to mean “foolishness” or “madness”- often has no discernible purpose or function (hence its name), though it might sometimes provide seating or shelter. Follies were purposely eccentric or unusual, historical or stylistic foils to their immediate contexts, and in this way they were intended to incite the imagination and delight the eye. In playing with conventional ideas of function, form, and scale, the folly is an architectural typology that shares many similarities with contemporary sculpture and installation, making it a particularly apt theme for this new residency.

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