Saturday, July 7th: Kaleidoscope 5: Colors Parade & Covert Warehouse Party 2012

Kaleidoscope 2012
Meets at the Irish Hunger Memorial, Manhattan
Follow @nykaleidoscope for additional locations
6:15pm meet up, 7:15pm departure
Free, BYO MetroCard

When was the last time you participated in an EPIC colors parade on the streets of NYC – a sneaky, lush undisclosed SUMMER spectacle. All dressed in your most phantastic & brightest getup; rolling through a secret route chock filled with play, surprises, flowy-flags, Silk, hoops, brass bands and fun crazy magical moments. And when YOU seem to be overflowing with a happy MAD smile we shanghai you to an underground loft: a superb multi-floor digital beat palace extending to a show on the roofie with gobs of live music, dj’s, poi, mucho entertainment and NO ONE ASKED YOU FOR $$$$? LET’S DANCE.

KALEIDOSCOPE 5 – Bringing back the free underground. July 7.
—– +

COSTUMES: Stand out in a single rainbow luminosity… a tint that screams fab or go loud with many – add yourself in flourishes or douse your person in Feathers and Flow. It’s your chance to be ultra creative — from wicked to cirque to magique you can inspire. Bring BRITE lights adding a glow to yourselves once the moon takes its perch. Have stilts, juggle, el-wire, hoops, unicorn heads.. this is your chance ++

SURPRISE: Someplace modestly absurd is our destination – don’t ask how we hooked this up == but for once we’re not crashing – you’re the guests of honor to a private luxe bash – enter the dragon – ++

SOUND: It starts with a Kaleidoscope Beats Mobile Unit – yes its our first ever proprietary frolic machine to center the bass through our travels… and then —- We want to hear each and every one of YOU through Kazoos, Hannah Montana Guitars, whistles, cans of pennies, whizzbangers, sound makers. sing loud and proud ++

ROVING MUSICIANS: If you play we’d love to have you: guitarists, percussion and OMG Brass — you can make our journey POP. ++

BRING: water, metro card, items you can gift to new friends, respect for property and people. We’re on water or trains or air or foot or other — but however we get around its always via public transit. You won’t know where and we won’t tell you until we go. @nykaleidoscope for location updates

BOOZE: There will be a speakeasy at our destination AND maybe even some free libations :)

COST: None. Fluff has a special spot in his heart for Kaleidoscope and its a chance to offer up a purist free-underground event and after-party event, no strings attached. love New York a little bit more. ++

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