Resume 2.0: Digital Secrets for Getting Seen — and Hired!
Wix Lounge (10 W. 18th St., 2nd Fl., Manhattan)
Free with discount & scholarship, $12 without, registration required

Use code FREEDOM, take $2 off, then apply for the Zappos scholarship–> and attend this class FREE!!!

It used to be people would print out their resumes on nice buff paper with fancy threads in it — once or twice a year. It’s true, ask your parents.

These days, you have a whole host of other tools, from Twitter to LinkedIn to Wix to emerging platforms to get your accomplishments in front of the people who matter.

But what’s the difference between those who just “get by” in the age of the resume 2.0 and those who connect to the best opportunities?

This course will get you the skinny including:

Why (and how) to search-engine-optimize your resume
LinkedIn: the five key areas where the words you choose can make or break you
You dot com: the easiest way to showcase your accomplishments on your own piece of real estate
Video – how to use and what to choose to showcase
Digital marketing tricks to get you surfaced in search and social
Strategies for using the web to uncover the hidden job market
So keep your paper resume (just in case), but learn the key digital strategies that will put you ahead of the pack in the quest for the best career opportunities.

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