Saturday, July 7th: MySpace the Party 2

MySpace the Party 2
The Bell House (149 7th St., Brooklyn)

It’s version 2.0!

A year after the alpha version of MySpace: The Party, Adventure[s] is psyched to present the second coming of their tribute to the second-rate social network with MYSPACE THE PARTY 2: THE SECOND INTERNET.

If MySpace The Party was the most RIDICS party EVARRRR (it was), this one will be even more ridics, with louder pop-punk sing-alongs, even more ironic tees, additional MySpace-themed adult drinks, epic-er dance moves, and 100% MORE INTERNET.

MySpace The Party 2: The Second Internet celebrates this simpler time, a time before cell phones had front cameras and long before the Facebook IPO. MySpace themselves have officially sanctioned this celebration and will be sending some retro mid-2000’s era MYSPACE SWAG for party attendees. HOLY WEB BROWSER BATMAN!

Remember when your parents finally got rid of that dial-up modem so you could silently reorganize your top 8 at 2 am, redo your layout, and MySpace-stalk your latest crush? Yes, THAT was the Second Internet.

Start laying out your outfit now; you wont want to be under or over dressed for this mid-’00’s themed dance party. Ridiculous hair, studded belts, eye/guyliner, Hot Topic tee shirts, big jeans, bright sneakers, clueless looks and puppy dog eyes are ALL welcome.

OH YEAH AND IT’S FREEEEEEEEE! No cover no drink minimum no nothin. But you should buy drinks because they’re gonna be rad.

–You’ll be dancing all night to: The Get Up Kids, Hot Hot Heat, The Faint, Saves The Day, The Anniversary, Franz Ferdinand, Further Seems 4evsies and MUCH much more, brought to you by Adventure[s] own DJ Russ and DJ Choyce Hacks

— Enjoy drink and shot specials designed to make you nostalgic for the early days of THE INTERNET

— Practice your most iconic MySpaceFaces in The Bell House’s photobooth and then tag them w/ Adventure[s] for immediate gratification/LOLZ!

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