Cthulhu’s House of Z
HERE (145 Sixth Ave., Manhattan)
$15 in advance

Cthulhu’s House of Z recasts H.P. Lovecraft’s sci-fi horror legend as a bumbling simian lunatic who hosts a late-nite electronic dream show. On the program tonight is the story of a husband and wife, whose dreams are infected by Cthulhu’s perverted spell. As Cthulhu’s somnambulant tantrum-spectacle progresses, his twisted experiments drive the couple insane, homicidal, and obsessed with donuts. Cthulhu’s… is Boom Bat Gesture’s fourth original piece, and their New York debut. It has been presented as a work-in-progress at SNOWBALLS! festival at Space on White, and as a part of Dixon Place’s 2012 Works-in-Progress series.

July 7th: free ambient/noise music pre-show performance by Silent Isle @ 6:30pm.

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