Friday, July 6th: Artists-In-Residence Exhibition at Proteus Gowanus

Artists-In-Residence Exhibition
Proteus Gowanus (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Free wine and conversation

Join this year’s Artists-In-Residence, Lado Pochkhua, Sal Randolph and anthropologist Eben Kirksey for an exhibition of the projects they developed during their residencies at Proteus Gowanus over the course of our Migration theme year.

On exhibit will be a light box installation of photographs by Lado Pochkhua, transforming our shelves into a monumental documentary work of images showing the refugee life he lived in Tbilisi, Georgia. Lado shot the photos with a junk camera and expired film bought at a flea market in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Also on show: Notebooks from Sal Randolph’s “Bureau of Unknown Destinations,” a collaborative travel artwork that sent participants out into the world with a ticket to a mysterious endpoint, a set of cryptic instructions and a blank notebook in which to record their findings.

The controversial African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) of biocultural anthropologist Eben Kirksey will also be on view, and the CUNY professor will be available to discuss the creatures’ historical use as a pregnancy test, how this practice caused the spread of the fatal (to amphibians) fungus, thus contributing to worldwide amphibian extinction. In his work, he poses the question, “Who benefits when migrating species meet?” Frog pregnancy tests will not be performed, contrary to earlier reports.

The Artists-In-Residence Exhibition will be on view through Saturday, July 14th, the last day of the Migration year. We invite you to join us on that day for an open house with free wine. You can shop in our Gift and Book Shop, win a raffle for three months of free Study Hall, and browse (and purchase books from) our Migration Library.

The Galleries and Projects-In-Residence are open Thursday & Friday 3-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-6pm.

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