Tuesday, July 3rd: Become a Certified Make-Food-Look-Badass Technician (Register Now)

Become a Certified Make-Food-Look-Badass Technician
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$10, registration required

We’ll delve into food photography, going over solid basics, from what lighting works best, to how many pieces of bread to scoot into the frame.

This small class is aimed toward people interested in starting food photography, food blogging, or just showing off your home cookin’ skills a little on the interwebs. You’ll leave with an arsenal of useful tips, as well as a full belly (tasty snacks included).

Must love food.
Miachel’s Credentials

A little on me to save you a Google search — everything was self-taught, and after a lot of research and a million hours of practice later, I do freelance food photography, guest blogging, and run my own fun food blog, SpicedCuriosity.com.

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