The Diamond (43 Franklin St., Brooklyn) celebrates 5 years with an extended weekend of great events + some free drinks.

Friday, 7pm: All Bottles Open.
Opening One Bottle of every beer on our 35+ list. Try the deep cuts you’ve always pondered. Five samples per person…free.

Saturday, 7pm: The Great Reissdorf Kölsch Kompetition.
Which bartender pours the best Kölsch Kranz? Watch the staff and cheer for your favorite. There will be 66 glasses of Kölsch on the bar for the taking when we are through. One bartender will triumph and the rest will be humiliated.

Sunday, 4-8: Backyard Feast
(2) Veggie Tamales $5, (2) Pork Shoulder Sliders $5, Empanadas $4, Boiled Peanuts $2, Watermelon Slices $1

Monday, 7:30pm: Shuffleboard Invitational JACKPOT.
The best and baddest players will battle it out for a whopping $300 prize.

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