Repository: A Nuclear Waste Card Game
Proteus Gowanus (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

We are excited to host the launch of Repository: A Typological Guide to America’s Ephemeral Nuclear Infrastructure, an informational card game created by Smudge Studio. Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse will present their graphically vivid cards and tell the terrifying tales of America’s real-life nuclear waste shell game, as part of our Future Migration segment in this Migration year.
Repository’s 42-card deck is designed to help you spot and identify today’s temporary solutions for the storage of radioactive waste, as you pass by them on the highway or as they pass by you. (This happens far more often than you know!)

As always, Smudge invites audiences to expand their capacities to imagine the monumental time spans required to contain and monitor these particularly potent, “vibrant” materials (estimated at one million years), and to consider the extraordinary challenges that they present to designers, architects and engineers.

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