Tuesday, June 26th: Nonprofit Bootstrapping: How to Start a NPO with No Money

Nonprofit Bootstrapping
111 8th Ave., Manhattan
$15, registration required

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly valuable as catalysts for positive social change, creating exciting opportunities to impact the world in a positive way. But without a profit motive, the resources to build an organization from scratch are extremely difficult to come by. This class addresses this issue and is appropriate for anyone who aims to solve a social problem in a unique way. With some creativity and a solid understanding of entrepreneurship, anyone can make positive change… even without any money.

In this day and age, the ability to stretch a dollar is essential, so this class also appeals to professionals in established nonprofits as well as those interested in traditional entrepreneurship. This class will include real examples from the teacher’s experience in building a nonprofit as well as time for questions and an opportunity to workshop students’ particular goals. The most important principle: every one of us already has the skills to make the world a better place.

Students can expect to learn specific skills in four key areas of startup management from the teacher’s rough-and-tumble experiences in the trenches of starting a nonprofit. For a little more information, take a quick look at this blog post. Short previews below:

1) Product: This is the fun part, whether you’re selling it to the people who are paying for it (for-profit) or to other people who need it (nonprofit). The program or product is often the reason we get involved – the “heart and soul” of the organization.

2) Alignment: Putting the right people, the right processes, and the right metrics in place to accomplish idealistic goals (and change the world!). Where are you going and how does every dollar in and out of the organization contribute to that goal?

3) Marketing: Branding and web presence can make or break a small group. Learn how to use tools like social media, your blog, and a branded website to pave the way to growth.

4) Revenue: Whether you call it sales or fundraising, it is essential to aquire the capital you need to thrive and grow. We will focus on how to do so even as a new organization with no “connections”.

Additionally, we will cover basic “how-tos” and first steps in creating change. The class will be a workshop with dialogue and significant opportunity for question and answer. We can (and should) all learn from each other!

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