Saturday, June 16th: ‘I Think It’s Raining’ Screening + Afterparty

I Think It’s Raining
Open Road Rooftop (350 Grand St., Manhattan)

8:00PM Doors Open
8:30PM Live Music by Alexandra Clayton
9:00PM Film Begins
11:30PM-1:00AM After-party at Fontana’s (105 Eldridge St. @ Grand)

Renata is an idealistic and free-spirited young woman, full of eccentricities and contradictions. She is an extroverted singer and an insecure neurotic, a hopeless romantic and a pathological liar. She returns home after a year of traveling and gradually begins to reintegrate into her old life in San Francisco. After a chance encounter with a stranger beneath a shared umbrella, she finds herself thrust into the uncharted territory of newfound intimacy. Yet for all her song and dance, it turns out that she is not as confident as the persona that she projects. The more that she reconnects with the familiar, the less familiar it becomes.

I Think It’s Raining is a beautifully shot, artfully-crafted, and emotionally raw film. First-time director Joshua Moore brings a casual naturalism to the story that seeps out of every frame. The tone vacillates between a self-conscious quirkiness and an understated sincerity to reflect the nuances of life in an intimate and honest way. A year of intense workshop-like collaborations with lead actress Alexandra Clayton has led to the creation of a compellingly unique character who is simultaneously distant and relatable, aloof and sincere. Cinematographer Sinsia Kukic’s subjective camera work, reminiscent of other neo-neo-realist films like Putty Hill and Old Joy, blends nicely with the mixed film and video formats into an experimental visual collage. This combines with editor Staci DeGange’s use of stylized montages and musical sequences to create a new filmic language.

Close on the heels of a world premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and several regional screenings across the country, I Think It’s Raining has finally made its way to New York City. Let’s just hope the title doesn’t influence the weather since this is a directorial debut not to be missed.

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